Halloween is coming up. 萬聖節快到了

Halloween is my favorite holiday.萬聖節是我最喜歡的節日

Halloween 萬聖節 trick or treat 不給糖就搗蛋
broom 掃把 skeleton 骷髏頭
costume 特別的裝扮 mask 面具

What pranks can you play on Halloween?


We can put the skeleton in the window. It will scare the kids.


It's almost Halloween. 萬聖節快到了
Let's decorate the house. 我們來佈置房子
Halloween costume party. 萬聖節化裝舞會
Hang some bats. 掛幾隻蝙蝠
Make it spooky. 讓氣氛變得詭異
Carve the pumpkin. 刻南瓜
Get ready the trick or treat . 準備迎接 不給糖就搗蛋的遊戲


Halloween is a holiday  on October 31st. 萬聖節是在十月31日
Light the jack-o'-lantern . 把南瓜燈點亮
Most children dress up in costumes and go "Trick-or-Treating" by walking around to different houses and asking for candy.


What are you going to dress up as for Halloween ?萬聖節時你要穿什麼

My mom is making me a gorilla costume. 我媽媽會幫我做一件猩猩裝

What are you going as ?你會打扮成什麼

I am going as a robot.我要扮成機器人

What are you going to be ?你會打扮成什麼

A big pumpkin .一粒大南瓜 A clown 小丑
A fairy 小仙女 A princess 公主
A prince 公子 A ghost 鬼
  mummy 木乃伊 A witch 巫婆
I am making my own costume.我要自己完成我的裝扮
I dress up as a ghost.我穿得像鬼
What are you going to be ?你會打扮成什麼A big pumpkin .一粒大南瓜A clown 小丑A fairy 小仙女A princess 公主A prince 公子A ghost 鬼A mummy 木乃伊A witch 巫婆